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The ABAI (Associação Brasileira de Amparo à Infância, Brazilian Association for the Help of Children) was born through a group of Brazilian and Swiss friends concerned about the misery they saw in Brazil. Today we are taking care of a big family uniting outsiders of the society in a rural area of great beauty: Mandirituba, ca. 40 km to the southwest of Curitiba, capital of the state of Paraná in southern Brazil. This family consists of poor children and their relatives, abandoned children, abondoned adults that have problems with alcohol and other drugs and small disatvantaged farmers of that area.

Children Center

  • Care of needing children during the day
  • Love and understanding
  • Food, hygiene and health
  • Accompaniment of scholar progress
  • Cultural activities
  • Orientation for the families

"Casas Lares" (3 houses)

  • Care of abandoned children around the clock
  • Three "families", with a total of 22 children
  • Families lead by substitute mothers or parents supported by ABAI
  • constant educational and psychological aid

Professionalization as electricist and carpenter

  • Anual courses in cooperation with SENAI
  • Care of youths ages 14 and older
  • Trainment in new agricultural production methods for the rural community
  • Successful participants receive a diploma

Sewing courses/workshops

  • Anual sewing courses for girls of the "casas lares" and of the community
  • Cooking, stiching, painting and pottery workshops, as well as school coaching

Ecological agriculture center

  • Production for self-supply
  • Trainment of the children from the center and the "casas lares"
  • Program for preservation of the fertility of the land
  • Program for training of small farmers of the region, together with the EMATER.

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